Brevity Aged Care Software is an organisation wide platform for organisations providing aged care services, and is future-ready to manage funding under the proposed aged care funding scheme, and provides the right tools for managing aged care clients.

Aged Care and the Client

Aged Care is a way to care for some of the most vulnerable Australians. Aged Care isn’t just about the people with special needs. It is also about helping friends and families who care for, and support individuals with special needs. Aged Care is about making life better for Australians by making sure they have easy access to the programs, healthcare, and services they need to enjoy a high quality of life.

Brevity Disability Services Software and NDIS

We understand that NDIS represents a big change in the way that disability service providers have traditionally operated. Now, clients have the power to choose their providers and you, the provider, only receives funding after services have been provided. As competition increases, providers will inevitably be required to do more with less. You will need to find new efficiencies to compensate for narrower margins.

We have worked hard to make it easy for organisations to adapt to the NDIS changes. We have designed the Brevity Care Software from the ground up with NDIS and the business needs of disability service organisations like yours in mind.

Our customers are able to start dealing with Aged Care clients immediately without missing a beat.

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