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Aged Care Software Systems

Brevity Aged Care Software is an organisation-wide platform for organisations providing aged care services, and is future-ready to manage funding under the proposed aged care funding scheme, and provides the right tools for managing aged care clients.

Aged Care and the Client

Aged Care is a way to care for some of the most vulnerable Australians. Aged Care isn’t just about the people with special needs. It is also about helping friends and families who care for, and support individuals with special needs. Aged Care is about making life better for Australians by making sure they have easy access to the programs, healthcare, and services they need to enjoy a high quality of life.

Brevity Disability Services Software and NDIS

We understand that NDIS represents a big change in the way that disability service providers have traditionally operated. Now, clients have the power to choose their providers and you, the provider, only receives funding after services have been provided. As competition increases, providers will inevitably be required to do more with less. You will need to find new efficiencies to compensate for narrower margins.

We have worked hard to make it easy for organisations to adapt to the NDIS changes. We have designed the Brevity Care Software from the ground up with NDIS and the business needs of disability service organisations like yours in mind.

Our customers are able to start dealing with Aged Care clients immediately without missing a beat.

Brevity Aged Care Software Systems
Brevity Aged Care Management Software was built from the ground up with better health outcomes for patients and more efficient managerial services for the aged care industry in mind.

Our aged care dedicated software is simple to use, powerful and will enable you to continue providing the highest quality care by streamlining processes and boosting efficiency.

Our Aged Care Software solutions use an intuitive user experience to offer

  • Easy data entry into the platform
  • Comprehensive client record and medication management
  • Tools to help create quality care plans, effective budgets, and provide better service
  • An advanced Rostering System with both staff and mobile apps that helps organise the distribution of aged care workers
  • Same-system, effortless generation of accounting invoices for fees, expenses and billing, keeping up with IPA reporting and claiming, producing CDC statements & government reporting

At Brevity, we are providing technology solutions so that industry specialists in Australian aged care can deliver better outcomes and support for residential care residents, disability care patients, and care staff around the country.

For more information about our holistic software and the other features that benefit your business, contact Brevity – your local aged care software vendors.

What Are You Waiting For? See What Brevity Aged Care Software Can Do For Your Business

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Brevity Aged Care Facility Software FAQ

[/vc_column_text][vc_toggle title=”Why should I use Brevity aged care software?”]At Brevity, we understand the intense pressure put on the aged care industry to meet the Australian Government Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission’s standards. So, we have developed our aged care software systems to help streamline processes to boost efficiency and provide businesses in the community the opportunity to not only ensure their organisations remain legally compliant but also that they are able to provide the highest quality care possible. 

We are working to provide aged care software Australia-wide, so find out what we can do for your business by contacting us today! [/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What support do you provide as aged care software providers?”]We offer full support for aged care industry vendors who utilise our aged care management software. We deliver our customer base full IT support and we work as partners to aged care homes and organisations to ensure their systems remain fully functional and efficient.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What do your aged care software plans include?”]Our aged care software solutions include fully managed cloud-based services. Our plans provide:
The ability to manage all types of client funding

  • Invoice generation & payment requests 
  • Document management
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Scheduling including staff rostering and client services 
  • Human resource management services – interactive training, appraisals & incident reports 
  • Hosting 
  • Synchronisation 
  • 100% encryption
  • Backups (nightly)
  • Free ongoing updates when technological advancements occur
  • Remote access
  • Customisation of your dashboard 
  • The ability to develop reports easily
  • And so much more!

If you would like more information about other features & benefits or if you would like to get started with Brevity, contact us today![/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What do you mean when you say “fully managed plans””]We offer “fully managed” cloud-storage services to all our residential aged care software clients. This means that you will be provided with full support with infrastructure costs, server maintenance, backups, and encryption of all data relating to care staff, residents, and clinical information. 

This means that you can feel secure in the fact that all your data is secure and protected and you can focus on providing the highest quality service to your home care and residential aged care customers. 

For more information about our fully managed care plan and our services, contact Brevity. [/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”How do I get started with Brevity?”]If you have made the decision to get started with us, or you would like a free demo of how our products can benefit your business, fill out our enquiry form and we will be in touch very soon![/vc_toggle][/vc_column][/vc_row]