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    I have read and I agreeto the privacy policy & terms of service shown below
    I am authorised to place this order on behalf of my organisation
    I understand that I will be charge monthly $4.49 (ex GST) per client per month with a minimum monthly charge of $99 (ex GST)

    Payment milestones

    • Monthly licensing and hosting fee is to be paid at the end of each month

    System Inclusions

    • Brevity Lite version functions & features
    • NDIS pricelist
    • NDIS funding sources
    • Employee & Client Mobile App
    • 1 Month Premium Support
    • Mobile App training video

    Hardware & Software Requirements

    The hardware and software requirements mentioned in this section are provided as general requirements.

    Browser Login

    BrowserDesktop / Laptop / iPad / Mobile Browser
    Web BrowserIE Edge Chrome (ver 30 or above) Safari (ver 6 or above) Firefox (ver 24 or above)

    Mobile App

    MobileiOS / Android
    OSiOS with at least version 9 Android with at least version 7

    Training & Support

    Customer can optionally purchase a training and support package for $999 (ex GST). This will cover you for 2 x training session with an experienced Brevity system expert and 12 months of email and chat based support. Customer can sign on for a Support Contract for ongoing support. 

    End User License Agreement

    Use of Brevity Cloud Software solution is governed by our End User License Agreement (EULA). This is available on the following link:


    The parties agree to take all steps reasonably necessary and appropriate to ensure that their employees, agents, and/or assistants treat all information as confidential and to ensure that such employees, agents, and/or assistants are familiar with and abide by the terms of this Agreement.

    Limitation of liability 

    In no event shall the amount of Seller’s (Brevity Care Software) liability for any breach or default hereunder exceed the purchase price paid or payable by Customer to Seller (Brevity Care Software) for the Products and in no event shall Buyer be entitled to claim compensation for special, incidental or consequential damages for defective goods or services, late delivery or non-delivery, nor shall Seller be liable for Customer’s loss of any kind or description whatsoever.

    Changes and cancellation 

    Should Customer desire to revise or suspend an Order for reasons allegedly beyond the Customer’s control, Customer shall first discuss the matter promptly with the Seller (Brevity Care Software) and the parties shall attempt to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. Seller’s Products are custom, made-to-order per specific customer requirements and therefore are non-cancellable as Products cannot be resold.

    Terms & Conditions

    1. The quoted prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and is valid for the company mentioned on page one of this quotation only 
    2. Order is to be placed in the name of Brevity Care Software
    3. Pricing excludes incidental travel or courier costs. Such costs will be itemized and billed separately to this quote.
    4. Any incidental costs amounting to $50 or more will be submitted separately for client approval prior to incursion.
    5. Minimum 5 business days mobilization time to start the project from date of issue of Purchase Order