Brevity NDIS Software is an enterprise-wide platform for disability service organisations that was created specifically for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and provides Australian Disability Service Providers with the tools they need to run NDIS client services.

01. The National Disability Insurance Scheme & the Client

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a novel approach to caring for some of Australia’s most vulnerable citizens. The NDIS will give help to 460,000 persons under 65 who need it to live a meaningful and ordinary life. Unlike previous initiatives, the NDIS focuses on a person’s entire life. This entails making early investments in people with disabilities in order to improve their long-term outcomes. The NDIS isn’t simply about individuals with disabilities. It’s also about assisting friends and families who care for and support people with disabilities. The NDIS aims to improve the lives of disabled Australians by ensuring that they have access to programmes, healthcare, and other services they require to live a high-quality life.

02.NDIS and Australian Disability Service Providers

The NDIS ensures that Australians have the freedom to choose the service providers they prefer. Individuals and families that meet the criteria will be able to have certain services covered by the NDIS, depending on the amount of care required. The NDIS will compensate qualified disability service providers for services that disabled people or their authorised legal representatives engage with. The NDIS recognises that in order to live a high-quality life, disabled people require access to services that provide them with the dignity of self-sufficiency and the flexibility and freedom to spend time with friends and family.

03.Brevity Disability Care Software & NDIS

We recognise that the NDIS is a significant departure from how disability service providers have traditionally worked. Now, clients have the power to choose their providers and you, the provider, only receives funding after services have been provided. As competition increases, providers will inevitably be required to do more with less. You will need to find new efficiencies to compensate for narrower margins.

We have worked hard to make it easy for organisations to adapt to the NDIS changes. Brevity Care Software was created from the bottom up with the NDIS and the commercial needs of disability service providers like yours in mind.

Without skipping a beat, our customers are able to begin working with NDIS clients right away.If you would like more information about our disability support software and a free demo on how we can help your business, fill out our enquiry form today.


Features of Brevity Disability Management Software

Our software was built to help disability care providers track health outcomes, manage individual care, and with high-quality service delivery. The software safely stores pertinent client information, individual client schedules, and other client information throughout the entire client lifecycle in one place and lets your organisation improve client outcomes.

Efficiently manage staffing with better communication and visibility. Our goal is to help your organisation improve operational efficiency. When you sign up for Brevity, your staff gain access to our mobile app, the key benefits of which include the ability to access the app from multiple devices, increase productivity through advanced rostering capabilities, and provide better health outcomes for your clients overall by having the correct staffing levels.

Our disability management software works to empower care providers and disability care organisations by allowing them to easily manage all elements of human resource management, including training, certifications, and more.

Our outcome-focused software allows you to track key performance metrics surrounding your organisation’s primary service. This allows you efficient service delivery for all clients.

Our disability software allows you to integrate with your current accounting software and helps track client budgets efficiently, provide efficient claim management, reduce errors, and save on overall administration time and costs by eliminating the need for double entries.

Brevity disability software is fully customisable to suit the needs of your business! Contact us today for more information about customising your dashboard!

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