NDIS Price List

NDIS COVID-19 Price Changes 25 March 2020

price guide update 25 mar 2020

To help providers to continue to deliver supports to participants through diruption caused by COVID-19, the NDIA is providing relief for providers through the following changes:

  • An advance payment to registered providers to increase the immediate availability of funds
  • A temporary 10 per cent increase to the price limit of some Core and Capacity Building supports
  • Changes to the cancellation rules
  • Introducing three new support coordination items under Core Supports to support plan flexibility

You can read more about these via the following url: https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/price-guides-and-pricing .

Temporary increase in price limits

The NDIA has temporarily increased price limits by 10 per cent for the following critical supports, effective 25 March 2020, and will be in place for six months (but will be reviewed in three months to assess if the changes continue to be appropriate):

  • Assistance with Daily Life (not including Supported Independent Living)
  • Assistance with Social and Community Participation
  • Improved Health and Wellbeing (not including personal training)
  • Improved Daily Living Skills 

A new pricelist (NDIS MAR-20) has been added to Brevity to reflect the price increase. You are able to switch clients over to the new pricelist by following the instructions on the link below should you wish to charge using the new price limits. https://brevityau.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BS/pages/246022145/Bulk+Change+Client+Funding+Pricelists


The definition of short notice cancellation is changed. From 25 March 2020, participants will be required to give 10 business days’ notice (up from two days) for a cancellation if they want to avoid paying the full fee for a cancelled service.

From 30 March 2020, providers will also be able to claim 100 per cent of the agreed support price when a participant cancels a service at short notice (up from 90 per cent). A new cancellation policy has been added to Brevity for this.

New line items for Support Coordination

Three new support coordination items have been introduced under Core Supports, Assistance with Daily Life, effective 25 March 2020. The new item numbers now allow participants to use either their Core or Capacity Building budgets for these supports. New line items are:

  • 01_790_0106_8_3 – Level 1: Support Connection
  • 01_791_0106_8_3 – Level 2: Coordination Of Supports
  • 01_793_0106_8_3 – Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination

These have been included within the existing and new pricelist in Brevity.