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NDIS Software Product Designed For Australian Disability Care Organisations

Sydney, AUSTRALIA — Providing care for the people that matter and deserve it is a job that must be done with dignity and pride. Brevity, a company that specialises in developing IT solutions for the Australian community care sector, announces the launch of their new NDIS software for Australian Disability Care Organisations. The Brevity NDIS software and Rostering software are cloud-based solutions designed to make managing a community care organisation simple and efficient. The software allows users not just to collect data but to gain insight into their operation to achieve a competitive advantage. They also eliminate guesswork, make scheduling easier, calculate correct pay, and ensure better communication.

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“At Brevity it is our mission to develop leading software tools for community care organisations at the right price . We recognise our part in helping service providers deliver the high level of service that they do. These software products will help managers better provide services for the people that need it, and we are proud to be the architect of such amazing capability and functionality,” said Bilal Mafawalla, a representative of Brevity.

The NDIS is an extraordinary initiative providing needed support for people with disability. From inception, Brevity has been there developing NDIS software solutions that make it easier to deliver care for the great people who depended on it.

The NDIS Software is a unique product that is designed to address the needs of community care organisations in Australia. The cloud-based software makes it easier for organisations to manage activities so they can deliver excellent results. Some of the features of the software includes extensive client and staff record management, NDIS and other client funding , critical incidence database, email schedule reporting, accounting system integration, and much more.

Community Care organisations will also benefit from the Rostering capabilities of the Software, which is a staff rostering program build in the cloud. With this software, there is no more guesswork, and users will have access to scheduling module, and better visibility and communication. It will also prevent under and overstaffing, record hours of work with ease, and calculate correct pay.

With these cloud-based programs, organisations will be able to make the most out of the resources available to them. It will help them reduce costs, will inspire confidence within clients, empower staff, and grow their organisation.